White House supports alternative energies

Published March 29th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

President Bush has nominated a supporter of alternative energy sources to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  


Dow Jones reported that Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner Nora Mead Brownell is a supporter of research into renewable sources of energy and was instrumental in having the Commission create a $21 million fund to be used for investment in clean energy projects including wind, solar and biogas ventures. 


The five-member Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates wholesale power markets and interstate natural gas pipelines. 


Meanwhile, the Bush administration has been accused of killing any US role in the Kyoto climate pact. Unnamed sources told Reuters that the White House has told proponents of the treaty - mostly European Union nations - to stop pestering Washington about the US climate change position. 


On Tuesday Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Todd Whitman had environmentalists hoping mad over efforts to further distance the United States from the Kyoto treaty. 


"She was saying that Bush recognizes the science behind global warming, but not the targets, timetables and lack of developing countries' participation," said one source with a green group. "She said there was no interest in pursuing the Kyoto Protocol, given the opposition on Capitol Hill." 



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