Wondering How 5G Will Transform Our Lives? These 5 New Technologies Will Give You An Idea

Published February 9th, 2020 - 11:55 GMT
Everything You Need to Know About the 5G Connection Before It's Here
5G will soon offer us remarkably higher speeds that could be x10 faster than today’s 4G LTE. (Twitter)

Different generations of telecommunication networks have undoubtedly changed our lives forever. Yet, developers of the 5G technology are promising the world with major changes in literally every aspect of life as soon as 2020.

While the first generation of networks allowed us to make phone calls using mobile phones, the second one provided us with the texting dimension before 3G and 4G turned our phones into smart internet-enabled ones that we can barely leave our houses without.

Today, the world looks forward to 5G connections as they are anticipated to kick in during 2020, offering remarkably higher speeds that could be x10 faster than today’s 4G LTE, in addition to low millisecond-latencies and by all means improved connectivity. The fifth-generation will affect both wireless mobile networks and fixed lines.

According to telecommunication experts, the 5G will offer us more reliable connections that will not only help people on individual levels have better internet experiences, but will also contribute to automating many daily tasks while maintaining instant high-quality outcomes.

Additionally, 5G networks are expected to help battery-run devices last longer as data takes less time to download. Longer battery lives mean fewer carbon emissions, which is a great accomplishment in a world stricken with fear of consequences caused by climate change.

If you still need more convincing as to how the 5G technology will change our lives, here are a few examples:

1. Self-Driving Cars

Once 5G networks can be provided for full-scale cities, autonomous vehicles will be able to finally take to the roads as speedy connections will enable cars to exchange huge amounts of data and communicate with each other while navigating streets without bumping into each other.

In 2016, Business Insider predicted that around 10 million self-driving cars will be on roads by the end of 2020.

2. Remote Medical Services

Thanks to 5G networks, decent medical services will very soon be available to anyone who needs it regardless of their geographical location. With almost non-stop internet connections, doctors will be able to exchange all sorts of data with their patients all around the world.

Even more excitingly, competent surgeons will be able to carry out certain kinds of operations remotely, using the right tools and the one of a kind 5-generation technology.

3. Smart Farms

Farms powered with the 5G technology will soon boost the agricultural sector worldwide, as it will allow fast robots to control the production at much higher rates than human farmers do and in significantly less time, which for all businesses means more money.

4. Smart Retail Experiences

Just as much as 4G networks were able to change consumer behaviors in regard to shopping throughout the last decade, the 5G connection is highly expected to revolutionize retail experiences again, as it's supposed to offer more personalized options to customers, especially ones who are willing to share data related to their preferences. Consumers will be able to provide manufacturers with huge amounts of data to help companies in their designing and planning processes, which will, in turn, provide them with their favorite products.

Additionally, 5G networks will enable in-store customers to pick up their own goodies and leave immediately without having to wait in lines or even go through self-checkout machines, thanks to AI technologies that will take care of payments via phones that are directly linked with bank accounts. 

5. VR and AR

High speeds offered by 5G connections will move virtual reality and Augmented reality to the next level, as users will have an easier time navigating through the hypothetical world, allowing for more fun and realistic 3D marketing, gaming, travel, and other entertainment experiences.

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