'Yellow Cabs' Demonstration in Jordan

Published January 16th, 2019 - 10:33 GMT
Taxi drivers hold protests in November 2018. (Shutterstock)
Taxi drivers hold protests in November 2018. (Shutterstock)

Scores of taxi drivers have announced another protest scheduled for Tuesday, as they further commit to their vows of holding continuous demonstrations until all of their demands are met.

“This is getting both annoying and repetitive,” said Director General of the Ministry of Transport Anmar Khasawneh.

In a meeting held on Sunday, the Ministry of Transport conceded to eight out of the nine demands put forth by taxi drivers; however, some drivers are still displeased.

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Taxi drivers had nine demands which they presented at the meeting, all of which concerned restrictions they wanted imposed on ride-hailing apps.

The ministry pledged to fulfil eight of the demands and left the ninth for future consideration.

“I was actually shocked that all of their [taxi drivers’] points revolved around their competition, rather than easing their own regulations or assistance for their sector,” said a source at the ministry who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to Nawwar Mofeed, a taxi driver operating in the Jubeiha area, drivers who are taking part in, or supporting, more protests say that their problems are caused by the apps, which is why they will continue to hold the protests until they are “the only cars [working] in the public transport” sector.

Taxi drivers have been organising protests since the appearance of ride-hailing apps in 2016, with many demonstrations attracting hundreds of drivers.

Mahmoud Al Juneidi, another taxi driver, said that he had participated in most of the protests, but will sit this one out as he feels that “if nothing has changed in two years, then it probably never will”.

Khasawneh predicted that the number of protesters on Tuesday would not exceed 50 people, a figure which he expects to decline.

By Maram Kayed

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