Yemen parliament gives Palestinians $2 million

Published June 19th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The Yemeni parliament decided Monday, June 18, to make a two million dollar gift to the Palestinians to support the intifada, coinciding with the visit to Sanaa of the leader of the Palestinian parliament in exile.  


"The gift of 30 million riyals (around two million dollars) has been included in the Yemeni parliament's budget to come to the aid of the Palestinian uprising in the (Israeli) occupied territories," a parliamentary source said. 


The gift was announced during the visit of the speaker of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), Salim Zaanun. 


Speaking in the presence of Zaanun, the Yemeni parliament speaker, Abdallah Al-Ahmar called on "Arab leaders to stop blindly accepting what is suggested by the United States and the conditions imposed on the Palestinians." 


Zaanun, who arrived in Sanaa on Sunday, said the ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians that came into effect on Wednesday "does not represent the end of the intifada." 


"The intifada began in 1987 and will not stop ... and the young people of the uprising will continue to throw stones at the Zionist occupiers," Zaanun told the Yemeni parliament. ― (AFP, Sanaa) 


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