Counterfeiting a big business at Yemen's ports

Published October 3rd, 2012 - 11:02 GMT
Counterfeiting crisis at Yemen's ports
Counterfeiting crisis at Yemen's ports

Center Says Yemen Loses 90% of Customs Revenues due to Counterfeiting


The studies and economic media center has revealed that 90% of the customs fees at Yemen's ports have been lost because traders and customs officials forge purchase and sale bills of imported products. 

The center said in a press release on Tuesday it had obtained reliable documents that prove many of traders and officials forged the bills of a lot of imported products and reset their prices for 10% of their original prices to avoid taxes and customs fees. 

The documents revealed the customs authority allows products to enter the country to go on offer for unreal prices that never comply with the official prices fixed by the authority annually, the center added.

The customs authority also colludes and breaks the law to legitimize the fake operations through preparing value minutes based on the containers not the quantity and quality of the products inside these containers, the center said.

For example, the center said, the authority sets the price of a spare parts container for $31500 without considering the type of the products inside the container whose real prices are much higher than the price forged by the authority. 

The authority exploits the annual price minutes to counterfeit bills and that violates the provision 37 of the customs laws 14 and 12 for 2010 which provided that the customs price of a product is equal to a product purchase value at free zones and that plus charges until the product reaches the export port, it continued. 

In addition, the officials in charge with inspecting imported products don't assume their responsibility and that is another way to cost the country big losses at the ports, the center said.

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