Your company and making a difference in 2015

Published March 11th, 2015 - 09:18 GMT

“Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.” This famous quote should be the mantra of all corporations today. Indeed, Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is a way for companies to benefit themselves while benefiting society. CSR activities not only help in the betterment of society and your bottom line, but also fill your employees with a sense of pride and fulfillment. This is why you should make social responsibility a part of your value system. At, for instance, “obsessing about empowering others to lead better lives” is one of our major values. Here are some ways your company can make a difference this year, using some examplesfrom the team:

Go for major events: If it’s not within your means to organize a big charity or fundraising event, then why not attend one instead? You could gather a cohort of employees to represent the company. For example, has recently gathered 37 employees from its Dubai office (that’s nearly half the office) for a full-day event organized by Dubai Cares. The purpose of this event was to pack 50,000 school bags for children in Palestine. Our advice in such events is to put up a united front by getting matching t-shirts, and always remember to have a winning attitude!

Use your expertise: Every company specializes in something unique which they can share with society. specializes in helping job seekers find jobs and helping recruiters find the right candidates for their jobs. As such, we organize a large number of annual CV clinics through which we guide job seekers on how to improve their CV. We also do university road-shows and counsel fresh graduates on how to get their first job. Modest activities like these make a big difference.

Give simple free stuff: I’m sure your company can spare some resources for the underprivileged community. At, we provide free CV writing services for applicants who have been unemployed for more than 6 months. Every month, we pick two job seekers whom we feel are in the most need of this service. Try thinking of what free goodies you can give away to make those around you happy.

Put aside a part of your budget for CSR: If companies plan ahead for CSR they will most likely go through with it during the year. What usually happens is that companies don’t put aside any money for CSR while deciding their budget, which makes the management shut down spur-of-the-moment campaigns. sponsors over 25 orphan children in Gaza and many more around the world and puts aside a significant amount of money for this purpose. Remember to always plan in advance for a better future for you and your stakeholders.

Partner with charity organizations: There are many ways by which you can partner with charity organizations. Perhaps you could be a key sponsor in one of their events or even give a part of your sales proceeds to a particular organization. gives the option of free job postings for charity organizations to help them attract the best talents. It also provides free advertising space for them to promote their cause on the website. The simpler the partnership, the more beneficial it will be for all parties involved

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