Your Emirates ID Has a Secret PIN, and it Contains All Your Personal Info

Published July 3rd, 2017 - 12:52 GMT
Every Emirates ID has a PIN that contains all your sensitive information. (Khaleej Times)
Every Emirates ID has a PIN that contains all your sensitive information. (Khaleej Times)

Before you wonder whether you have an Emirates PIN in UAE or not, let us clear it out for you. Every UAE national and resident with an Emirates ID has a PIN and you have to protect it as it has all your personal information.

So, what exactly is a PIN?

The pin code is one of the means used to get access to the private data in your Emirates card and is used to authenticate your identity.

It comprises 4 digits and just like your other passwords, it is recommended that the PIN be changed regularly (using the Card reading program offered by EIDA).

How to generate a PIN?

During the registration process, you need to activate the PIN code. If you haven't, then visit your nearest registration center and notify the center supervisor that you would like to activate your pin. Your Emirates ID Card is required during this process, and you must authenticate yourself with your finger print to set a new 4 digit PIN code.

Why is PIN important for you?

As said earlier, you PIN is the key to all your personal information you have shared while making your Emirates ID. In the wrong hands, this could land you in trouble or financial fraud. You can protect yourself from identity theft and identity fraud with your PIN. Want to know how? 

a. Identity theft

If somebody gathers your personal information and assumes your identity with your UAE ID card, it will be of no help if you protect yourself with 3 factors of authentication - ID card, PIN and finger print. 

b. Identity fraud 

You can protect yourself from unauthorised usage of your credit card or someone using online banking services on your behalf with your PIN number. Nobody will be authorised to make any transactions if you protect your ID card and PIN number and demand the above mentioned 3 factors of authentication.

Activating/Resetting of the PIN

If you enter a wrong PIN number consecutively for three times, your Emirates ID Card deactivates this functionality for your own safety. To reactivate your PIN or reset, you should visit the nearest registration center or EIDA kiosk machine at the earliest. 
Also, head to the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) in case you have forgotten your PIN and need to reset it. Here's the complete list of EIDA service centres in UAE to activate your PIN.

How to reset your PIN?

Once at the EIDA service centre, your card will be unlocked and a new PIN will be set. The card holder need to be present while resetting the PIN to identify the ownership of the card. 

The Validation Gateway offers a possibility to reset the PIN by letting the card holder identify with its fingerprint. The Validation Gateway verifies the card holder by its fingerprint and lets the card holder set a new PIN. 

Once the PIN is set, the card is once again usable by the owner. 

By Anita Iyer


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