Your Shopping Plan for the Unusual Ramadan of 2020

Published April 27th, 2020 - 03:00 GMT
Your Shopping Plan for the Unusual Ramadan of 2020
Take the chance and change your Ramadan consumption habits. (Shutterstock)

Haven't we all been criticizing excessive shopping habits during Ramadan for years? Haven't we all regretted making tons of delicious foods only for it to end up in the trash? Shouldn't this month be more focused on spirituality rather than consumption?

This unusual Ramadan is a great chance for everyone to start a new set of habits, not only to stay protected from the coronavirus but also to shop smartly.

1. Set your meal plan for the whole month

Not only does this save you time thinking about your main meal for the day, it will also help you identify your shopping needs. How many rice dishes are you making? How much bread do you need? How many bags of pasta will you cook? What desserts will you be preparing?

Voila! Now you have your grocery shopping list ready. 

Extra tip: Remember that you might be running out of cleaning detergents or personal hygiene products. Include all of this in your list.

2. What can you buy online?

Don't you agree that online shopping has been the best way to shop during the pandemic? You no longer have to go outside and be at risk of contracting the tiny virus and you don't need cash! 

Remember that online shopping will usually allow you to buy dry and canned foods, but not fresh and frozen ones.

Via the internet, you can also get Ramadan decorations for your home so you and your family can enjoy the special vibes without having to leave.

When your packages arrive at your door, make sure to sanitize all the bags and their content before you start using them.

3. Cases when you should never go shopping

If you are not feeling well or if you have chronic diseases, then you have to avoid leaving your home.

Also, never go shopping with elder people or kids. In all cases, you should always wear a face mask and hand gloves.

4. Go shopping as early as possible

In Ramadan, most people tend to stay up late at night to enjoy the snacks they couldn't have during the day, which means that they will be waking up late too. 


Go shopping at the earliest time allowed according to your country's current rules, so you minimize human interaction and don't have to spend a lot of time in the line at the supermarket.

5. Stay away from crowded malls or aisles

It's always easy to tell how many people are at a certain shopping mall by how many cars are parked in its garage. For your personal safety and time, avoid the crowded centers and head to supermarkets where only a small number of people are allowed in at one-time.

Also, if more people are standing in the line for fruits and vegetables, go ahead and get your other products first instead.

6. Pay as virtually as possible

When you approach the end of your shopping mission, use your ATM or credit card to pay for your purchases if you have the option. It's important to minimize your use of cash during such times. Also, you will be able to sanitize your card later on.

According to health experts, cash has been one of the most dangerous tools through which the novel coronavirus has been transmitted, so avoiding it at every possible opportunity is not something you'll regret.

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