The case for Mubarak: What positive legacy does Egypt's ex-President leave behind as he goes to trial?

We’ve slated many Arab Leaders recently, so maybe it’s time to at least consider the flip-side of the coin and review any good deeds that may have been done in service by this much-reviled Egyptian President. After all, 30 years is a long time to be all bad, every day, all the time. Some have spoken out on his worthy work for Egypt, but usually these positives can be discredited or re-stated far too easily to reveal negative outcomes. Still, we're going to try to bring out his most redeeming features or contributions for Egypt, the government and hopefully the people, rather than for his pocket.

He had his work cut out for him when he came into power: and in the course of his time, he embarked on a path of 'reform' and stabilization for the nation, slowly but surely it can be argued;  but defnitely not overngiht, nor withouth u-turns and reversals along the way.





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