Zeuus Inc provides consultancy services. The Company offers discussion, analysis, and operation for financial conditions and results. Zeuus serves customers in Thailand.

ZEUUS key 4 divisions are designed to synergistically address these key market opportunities. They are as follows:

•   ZEUUS Data Centers, will focus on delivering modern and modular state of the art Data Centers, safe, efficient, and cost effective.

•ZEUUS Cyber Security, will focus on data protection both inside and outside the data centers of ZEUUS by providing end-to-end continuous cyber security.

•  ZEUUS SOLAAS, Solution-As-A-Service will focus on delivering modern configurable Solution with ready market business focused approach. Two key examples include Secure Cloud Meetings and Blockchain as a business solution to protect and deliver data transparency.

•   ZEUUS Energy will focus on carbon neutral efficient electrical energy generation based on the power of Water, Wind and Sun. Innovative Immersive Cooling low PUE.

By combining the power of its four division ZEUUS can delivery cost effective sustainable solutions with ongoing growth.

The Company believes that it has strong economic prospects by the following dynamics of the data storage, cloud services and connected industries, such as data / cyber security, block chain, and crypto mining.

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