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Assad submits bid for re-election for Syrian presidency

Published April 28th, 2014 - 10:00 GMT
Assad is largely expected to win the June 3 vote (File Archive/AFP)
Assad is largely expected to win the June 3 vote (File Archive/AFP)

Agence France Presse reported Monday that Syria's president Bashar Al Assad has officially registered his bid for re-election in the country's upcoming June presidential elections. 

Parliament speaker Mohammed Al Lahham announced Assad's official bid submission Monday.

The incumbent Syrian leader is widely expected to win in the elections that have come under heavy scrutiny from the international community due to the ongoing conflict in the country and new election policies that exclude opposition candidates from registering their candidacy. 

Six other candidates have also registered their bids over the past week. 

It is not yet clear how Damascus will coordinate polls for the June 3 vote as the civil war continues to ravage the country and with many areas inaccessible to regime forces.

Over half of Syria's population has been forced to flee their homes due to the conflict, and at least 150,000 have been killed in the violence. 

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