Thousands of Palestinian refugees remain trapped in besieged Syrian Yarmouk camp

Published March 28th, 2014 - 10:15 GMT

Thousands remain trapped inside the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk near the Syrian capital, Damascus, as Takfiri militants continue to hamper humanitarian aid operations, Press TV reports.

The families trapped inside the camp are grappling with a worsening humanitarian crisis as they are in urgent need of food and medical assistance.

“The situation is catastrophic. There is no food or medicine… People are eating grass, we are hopeless,” one of Yarmouk’s residents told Press TV.

This is while Takfiri militants continue to launch mortar attacks on the camp, hampering the distribution of humanitarian aid by the Syrian government, Syria-based Palestinian factions and the United Nations.

Fighters from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command- (PFLP-GC) have been stationed near the camp to counter all kinds of attacks by the extremist groups.

A Palestinian fighter told Press TV that the militant groups keep firing mortars on Yarmouk, adding, “There are many [militant] brigades including al-Qaeda-linked ones.”

Since the start of this year, nearly 4000 sick and wounded civilians have been evacuated from the Palestinian refugee camp.

Takfiri militants have so far violated at least three ceasefire agreements with the Syrian government and Palestinians to end the violence in Yarmouk.

Many people have reportedly lost their lives in Yarmouk over the past few months because of food and medical shortages in the camp.

On January 13, militants operating inside Syria opened fire on a convoy of UN vehicles carrying tons of food supplies to the people inside the camp.

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