Counter Terror Arabia 2011 in Abu Dhabi to showcase comprehensive strategies combating terror and criminality

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Published July 5th, 2011 - 06:15 GMT
Visitors to Counter Terror Arabia will include personnel from the intelligence services, armed forces, police and law enforcement, protectors of critical national infrastructure and more
Visitors to Counter Terror Arabia will include personnel from the intelligence services, armed forces, police and law enforcement, protectors of critical national infrastructure and more

Clarion Events Middle East today announced the three-day Counter Terror Arabia international conference and exhibition, a gathering of world-renowned experts on combating terror in all its forms, which will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 30 October to 2 November 2011.

Leading lights in the field from around the world will speak on a variety of topics, such as analysis of emerging threats, proactive strategies to combat such threats, emergency response methods and techniques, and more. 

The strategic location of the Gulf region, and of the UAE in particular, gives it a vital role to play in leading the world in cutting-edge counter-terror strategies. Rear Admiral Christopher Parry CBE, Former Director General of Development Concepts and Doctrine of the British Ministry of Defence, and Clarion's Defence and Security Conferences Advisor, said: “Clarion’s Counter Terror Arabia is a great opportunity to showcase new technologies and explore new thinking and techniques in response to terrorism and other transnational threats to our societies. Putting the UAE at the forefront of latest developments and ideas, it will demonstrate how various authorities and agencies can best work together to provide effective security in all environments and deal with complex crisis management situations.” 

The three-day conference will commence with a series of discussions on technologies and plans to tackle current and future threats. Speakers will speak about developing leading edge technology to tackle emerging threats from futuristic and unconventional weapons. They will address issues in the cyber domain and public-private protection and the threats these pose to critical national infrastructure, as well as cross-examine cutting-edge cyber security strategies to protect the region’s critical networks and installations. 

Counter-terror strategies and technologies to safeguard high-profile and economically important critical infrastructure in the Middle East will be presented on day two of the conference. Speakers will discuss the need for intelligence and information sharing across the region to deter, detect and defeat threats in aerial attacks, the maritime zone, as well as provide solutions for countering terror activities related to compromising vital resources, including water and power. 

With 15-16 billion barrels of oil transiting the Strait of Hormuz every year and with numerous offshore oil installations, the maritime domain represents one of the greatest areas of risk to terrorist attacks in the region. With many new and advancing technologies available, including mini-UAVs, advanced Maritime Patrol Aircraft and space-based ISR systems, investment in the right mix of technologies will be critical to increasing control and countering terrorism in the maritime zone. 

In addition, as the region grows in importance as a hub for business, sea and air transport and tourism, the conference will also discuss methods of protecting mass gatherings of people at the increasing number of religious, sporting and entertainment events taking place in the region. It will also deliberate upon how to maximise intelligence to monitor emerging threats and to protect against conventional and unconventional attacks. 

The final day of the plenary sessions will bring together delegates from the Counter Terror Arabia conference and the Fire & Rescue Abu Dhabi conference to discuss issues related to developing comprehensive multi-agency emergency plans, all-hazards emergency response plans and define Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRNE) and Hazardous Materials (HazMat) strategies. 

Anthony Thompson, Specialist Consultant (CNIA), Al Shaheen Group, said: “The Counter Terror Arabia conference will provide a fantastic opportunity for delegates to explore a wide range of strategies, initiatives and experiences of speakers who recognize the importance of sharing information in a rapidly changing world. We must not underestimate the tremendous achievements in countering terrorism and criminality as a result of cross-border co-operation and partnership working and the event in Abu Dhabi's world-class conference centre will provide a wonderful platform for learning, sharing and improving our planning for terrorist attacks and other major emergencies.” 

When developing multi-agency emergency plans, delegates will explore various examples of global emergency response command structures to identify and define the successful elements, so as to mitigate the impact of any emergency faced, whether it is caused by a deliberate attack, unintentionally as an accident or a natural disaster. 

Delegates will examine the technological requirements and advancements for all-hazards emergency response planning while considering the critical elements of a comprehensive CBRNE strategy - protection, detection, response and recovery to minimise the impact of any CBRNE or HazMat incident. 

The session will also explore innovative training and exercising methods, including full-scale exercises, virtual reality and table-top scenario-based training. It will also consider strategies and technologies needed to effectively decontaminate people and infrastructure and prevent the spread of CBRNE/HazMat substances causing massive disaster. 

Christopher Hudson, Managing Director, Clarion Events Middle East, said: “The Gulf region is quickly becoming the centre for business and tourism. The vast number of high-rise towers and tourist attractions in the region makes responding to emergencies challenging. The conferences at Counter Terror Arabia in Abu Dhabi will provide governments and companies in the region with the necessary techniques and tools to take preventive and immediate action and minimize considerable losses from potential terror threats or criminal activity of any kind.”

Leading international and regional speakers will take part in this ground-breaking conference. Participants include Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE, Former Director General DCDC, UK MoD and Strategic Military and Security Advisor Clarion Events; Richard Smith, Head of Force Information Management, British Transport Police Company; Illyas Kooliyankal, Chief Information Security Officer, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange; Lieutenant Colonel Tamir Maayta, Director of Special Branch Training Center, Public Security Directorate/Special Branch, Jordan; Ali Asad, Emergency Response Coordinator, Kuwait Oil Company; Guy Thomas, Head of Global Maritime Awareness Programme, National Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness (OGMSA), US Coastguard; and Anthony Thompson LLB (Hons) MSc FInstLM, Specialist Consultant (CNIA), Al Shaheen Group. In total, the conference will host over thirty international experts and thought-leaders. 

Visitors to Counter Terror Arabia will include personnel from the intelligence services, armed forces, police and law enforcement, protectors of critical national infrastructure, central/regional and local government representatives, private sector companies, systems integrators, and personnel from the building and facilities protection, airports and ports, emergency response, border control, customs and immigration, transport security, training and consultancy sectors. 

Organized by Clarion Events Middle East, Counter Terror Arabia is an extension of the successful London and Washington D.C. editions and will be co-located with Fire and Rescue Abu Dhabi. 

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