At least six die in Iraq blasts

Published June 6th, 2010 - 09:02 GMT
Iraq blast
Iraq blast

A car bomb went off outside a Baghdad police station Sunday, killing six people, security and hospital officials said. According to the AP, a suicide attacker drove the bomb-rigged car up to a gate protecting the police post in western Baghdad's al-Amil neighborhood during an early morning shift change.

Four police officers and one civilian died, and 15 people were hurt, according to emergency security and hospital officials.

Police quickly sealed off the blast site.

Ten minutes earlier, a bomb stuck to the underside of a car in Baghdad's central Allawi al-Hillah area ripped the vehicle apart, killing the driver and injuring three passengers, according to police and hospital.

Another so-called sticky bomb went off under the car of Mahmoudiya city council chief Talib al-Massoudi, wounding him and seven others, according to emergency police and hospitals officials. 

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