Dunia strengthens brand to highlight commitment of keeping promises

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Published April 28th, 2011 - 10:23 GMT
Dunia unveils its new brand promise: ‘We’re different. Guaranteed.’
Dunia unveils its new brand promise: ‘We’re different. Guaranteed.’

Dunia Finance, the Abu Dhabi based financial services company, has unveiled its new brand promise, ‘We’re different. Guaranteed’, aimed at connecting with customers and conveying the company’s uncompromising commitment to keeping its promises of world-class services and customer-centricity. 

Since launching in 2008, dunia has continued to deliver customer-focused financial services to serve the genuine needs of its wide spectrum of clients, winning market share by continuing to lend, even during the financial crisis. The new brand commitment is designed to showcase dunia’s attentiveness to individual needs and novel approach to financial services, which places people first and consistently delivers the promises it makes. 

Rajeev Kakar, Executive Director and CEO of Dunia Finance, said: "The events that transpired over the last few years have left us with a financial environment severely lacking in trust and filled with cynicism and apprehension. We want to rebuild these burnt bridges with customers; we want to show them that a financial institution can in fact be trusted and can deliver its promises for the genuine needs of customers.” 

Mariam El Samny, Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Dunia Finance, added: “‘We’re different’ is not a change of direction for dunia. In fact, it builds on the existing strengths of the brand and helps articulate what we stand for. The new brand promise sums up dunia’s values, conduct and focus on sustainability, and crucially our commitment to developing deep relationships with our clients and customers.” 

The new platform, developed by Memac Ogilvy was also designed to help reinforce stakeholders’ understanding of the core values of dunia and focus employees on the standards they should aspire to everyday. It captures the company’s distinctive approach to financial services and will help sustain the company’s continuing strong growth. Vaquas Alvi, the business lead on the account from Memac Ogilvy Dubai, said: “Keeping promises is not just about launching a particular campaign. It is the very philosophy of the brand. It is the way dunia operates, customers vouch and employees commit to. The launch and the follow up campaigns will ensure that keeping promises is highlighted in the smallest things dunia do.”

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Dunia Finance

dunia means ‘the world’ in many languages and we offer our customers a world that serves from the heart… where experience, knowledge and commitment create financial solutions that are relevant and effective. We speak more than 30 languages and we understand our customers’ needs and aspirations in all of them.

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