17 British Teenagers End in Greek Hospital Because of Toxic Alcohol

Published August 5th, 2018 - 01:56 GMT
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Seventeen British teenagers were rushed to hospital after the group of friends say they drank toxic alcohol while on holiday in Greece. 

The group of young men, all aged between 17 and 18, flew to the party town of Laganas in Zante to celebrate leaving their Northumberland high school in late July.

On their second night out, nearly all the boys became violently sick and were taken to hospital, despite some only having three drinks the entire night. 

Cole Brunton, 18, said he had methanol poisoning and told the Sun: 'It's inhuman. I know 100 per cent that we got ill because we were poisoned.

'I can't put into words how angry I feel that someone is prepared to put lives at risk to make a few quid.' 

Cole said the group of friends went bar hopping, some ordering beer, others having spirits and some drinking cocktails.

By the third bar, some of the boys started to head back to their hotel because they were feeling unwell. 

Cole said he returned to the hotel around midnight but awoke at 3am with hot and cold sweats, with a severe pain in his stomach.

Cole said: 'I was sick in the toilet in my room. My roommate had already been sick.

'I stepped out of the bedroom into the corridor and looked left and right. Everyone else was there, too, all being sick.'

He added: 'Our vomit was red and black. One of the lads was in bed and started having a fit, shaking uncontrollably.'

Cole said a hotel receptionist called two ambulances for the boys and once arriving at hospital, he was immediately put on a drip but he continued to vomit.

He said: 'I think the doctors knew it was methanol poisoning. The doctor told me we had all been very lucky.'

The boys' ordeal comes nearly two years after Hannah Powell, 22, collapsed and was in hospital after her vodka and orange cocktails were laced with methanol, during a party holiday to Zakynthos.

The deadly chemical left her registered blind, as well as causing a number of other medical issues. 

Drinks adulterated with cheap spirit, often home-made, to cut costs have been a consistent problem in the southern Mediterranean.  

Spiked drinks, or bombs, are served in some bars and clubs in Athens and resorts known for partying have had problems in the past.

Zakynthos is the third largest Ionian island. It is popular with families and young couples, but Laganas has become a draw for students and young people keen to  have fun, indulging in drunkenness and wild parties.

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