Israeli embassy cartoon shows Abbas on four wheeled spin to the UN

Published November 27th, 2012 - 11:49 GMT
Israeli embassy posts cartoon ad of Abbas en route to U.N. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)
Israeli embassy posts cartoon ad of Abbas en route to U.N. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

A video posted this week on a YouTube account belonging to the Israeli embassy in the United States has sparked online intrigue with its cartoon message. 

The video is an animation clip of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas driving a bus, on a path to the United Nations.

Abbas on Thursday is traveling to New York to seek the U.N.’s approval for upgrading the Palestinian Authority’s status to non-member observer. 

But the animation attempts to show obstacles Abbas has met on his way to the United Nations.

While he drives, he is met with road blocks; quotes from the U.S. president or Israel’s Netanyahu, in their previous attempts to obstruct his U.N. destination.

But an adamant-looking Abbas is persistent and carries on, mimicking Abbas’ actual disregard for previous warnings from Israeli and Western officials.

On the bus, as Abbas nears the end of his journey, he comes to a crossroads and the video gives him two choices: A war-torn disaster-struck destination, plastered with a “United Nations” signpost, or a more heavenly-like endpoint, “The Road to Peace.”

It’s an apparent warning message from the Israeli embassy that peace will not be achieved by Abbas’ journey to the U.N. 

The message then urges viewers to “bring Abbas back to negotiating table.”

Israel, backed by the Obama administration, opposes the U.N. bid as an attempt to bypass negotiations.

Earlier this month, Israel's Foreign Ministry reportedly proposed “toppling” Abbas if the Palestinian bid is approved by the U.N.

U.N. recognition would affirm Palestinian future borders and enable the Palestinians to join U.N. organizations.


Are you on board with Abbas' UN proposal? Or do you agree with the cartoon that this would stand in the way of peace? Share your comments with us below!

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