Abduction and Kidnapping: Saudi Princes in Europe

Published August 15th, 2017 - 11:14 GMT
King Salman of Saudi Arabia. (AFP)
King Salman of Saudi Arabia. (AFP)

Over the last two years, three Saudi princes have gone missing whilst living in Europe after expressing criticism against the Kingdom or of the ruling family.

The BBC have reported on a number of kidnappings which have taken place in Europe of Saudi Princes who have spoken out against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of these is Sultan bin Turki bin Abdulaziz, who was in Geneva when a family member invited him for tea at his palace. His uncle, King Fahd tells him that he should return to Saudi Arabia where he will have to answer for a number of criticisms he has made of the Saudi leadership. When he refused, Sultan was beaten, handcuffed and spiked with a needle which rendered him unconscious. He was then rushed to the airport and transported back to Saudi via an air ambulance.

Sultan’s story is not unique, there have been many others like him who have disappeared upon stepping out of line, abducted by their own families.

Rewrite of an original article from the BBC.

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