Abu Dhabi Court Hears Man Accused of Consuming Drugs and Assaulting Wife, Trial Continues in May

Published April 1st, 2018 - 03:22 GMT
View of Abu Dhabi (AFP/File Photo)
View of Abu Dhabi (AFP/File Photo)

A young man's love for his wife caused him to become an addict when he resorted to drugs to get rid of the stress after the woman started misbehaving and visiting nightclubs with other men, a court has heard.

The Emirati man is on trial at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance, accused of consuming drugs and assaulting his wife.

Official court documents stated that the Emirati man met the Arab woman while on a visit to a foreign country. She was working in a coffee shop and the two started dating. The man later brought the woman to the UAE and they got married.

The couple initially lived in the same villa with the Emirati's family, where his brothers and mother also lived.

The Emirati, whose work involved travelling both within and outside the country, later rented a separate house where they shifted after the woman complained that she was tired of living in the same house with her in-laws.

He reportedly started getting information from some friends that his wife was going out with young men and attending nightclubs. The young man refused to believe in the rumours until one day when he caught the woman in an Abu Dhabi night club. The man took his wife out of the club and brought her home. He also checked her mobile phone and found pictures of young men.

The Emirati asked his wife, with whom he has two children, to stop going out with men and leaving the children alone in the house. The woman allegedly refused to change her behaviour.

The man said he loved his wife and had continuously talked to her to change her ways so that they could raise their daughters together, but in vain. And because of these family problems, the man allegedly resorted to using drugs.


One day he took his wife to a desert to have a moment together, and see how they could find a solution to their problems. The man told her that she was supposed to respect him and their marriage and the children. He also told her that she was seeing other men and never wanted to look after their children. An argument then broke out, which made the pair exchange abusive words and the man assaulted his wife.

When they returned home, the woman went to the police and reported that her husband assaulted her when he took her to a desert after consuming narcotics.

Police detained the man. A medical report confirmed that he had consumed drugs.

The man admitted to using drugs but denied assaulted the woman.

The trial was adjourned until May.


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