Abu Dhabi dentist eyes world record with bizarre collection of 10,000 extracted teeth

Published August 22nd, 2016 - 09:02 GMT
Dr. Nizar Abdul Rahman and his wife pose with their collection of some 10,000 teeth collected over 15 years. (Twitter/Khaleej Times)
Dr. Nizar Abdul Rahman and his wife pose with their collection of some 10,000 teeth collected over 15 years. (Twitter/Khaleej Times)

Meet an Indian dentist who never recommends tooth extraction but has ended up pulling out them in thousands.

Not just that, the dental surgeon from Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala has preserved almost all the teeth he has plucked over the years.

Abu Dhabi-based Nizar Abdul Rahman also has a message for the people - 'Always keep smiling'.

Nizar said he came to the Capital at the age of 26 and the locals weren't comfortable seeing a young and inexperienced doctor.

"So, I started preserving teeth just to convince them. It's more than 10,000," the dental surgeon said.

"Some patients take it back for religious reasons," said the doctor, who has been working in Abu Dhabi for 15 years.

"I have been working with Baniyas Ahalia Medical Centre for 13 years and was with an al-Ain hospital for two years."

"I am eyeing Indian Limca Book of Records as well as Guinness World Record with this collection."

He preserves all teeth in the hospital and keeps them in hydrogen peroxide.

"I always suggest my patients all ways to save teeth. It's only after following all precautionary measures that we finally go for extraction," said the doctor,

He has also helped students with practical exams.

"Students contact me for teeth. They need it for practical exam and need to fill natural teeth."

Peculiar, weird patients

Nizar has observed many strange cases in last 15 years of service.

"People from India, especially from Kerala don't turn up at clinic unless it's very serious. They will try all homely remedies and self-medication, and only if all of this fails they would come. People don't realise that the sooner they come the better it is to save the tooth. I am not sitting here to extract tooth but to save them."

"I have noticed a peculiar thing among patients from Pakistan. When anyone comes with a pen in his pocket, he will always have his notion of how things should be done. They won't listen to me.

"Sometimes it happens that pain will be in different teeth but they would insist on another teeth being extracted. Such patients will return soon to get the right teeth extracted."

Those coming from Bangladesh, he said, have weird doubts.

"Nearly, 90 per cent of people believe one will lose eyesight if tooth is extracted. I promise them my eye and that is how I convince them."

Nizar said that he could see the teeth and tell what the profession of a patient is.

"I can make out a tailor and an electrician. They will have groove in their teeth."

"I have had cases where patients openly admit they haven't brushed for 15-20 years but they want Hollywood smile. Such cases are challenging."

Food habits determine the strength of teeth, so chew for healthy teeth, another advice from the dentist.

"The more you chew the stronger your teeth get."

According to Dr. Nizar, maintaining healthy teeth is not difficult. Aerated drinks harm the teeth in the worst way. Even tea and coffee are harmful.

He has a word of advice for all.

"People believe brushing hard will make teeth white. We should brush gently with soft bristles. Brushing is not wrestling match.

"One needs to brush twice a day and do dental flossing. Also, one should do a dental check-up once in six months. Moreover, doing a scaling is also very useful."

By Ashwani Kumar

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