Ajman Bans Shisha Inside Ramadan Tents From Iftar Till 9pm

Published May 20th, 2018 - 11:40 GMT
Man smokes Shisha (AFP/File Photo)
Man smokes Shisha (AFP/File Photo)

Ajman Municipality and planning directorate have issued a new law banning shisha inside Ramadan tents from the time of breaking the fast till 9 pm.

The civic body will also ban the operation of Ramadan tents that do not have a license for offering Iftar and Suhoor meals.

Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the public health and environment said the restrictions were made to ensure the safety of society members and make sure that Ramadan tents are strictly adhering to safety rules.

He further explained that citizens who would like to set up Iftar tents to serve food during Suhoor time should procure an approval from the public health department to ensure food safety.

The decision regarding shisha ban at Ramadan tents from Iftar till 9 pm is permanent in accordance with the federal law number 15 for the year 2009 to combat tobacco products.

The approval of the tents will be provided by the municipality in coordination with the civil defence and the authorities will ensure that the tents are in compliance with safety rules and regulation.



These procedures are aimed to prevent fire accidents and ensure safety for the beneficiaries of the iftar services. The municipality will launch inspection from the first day of Ramadan targeting the tents in residential, commercial and industrial areas to ensure that they have all obtained license for serving iftar meals and are complying with the safety procedures.

The tents found violating the rules will be fine and shut down if they fail to fulfill the requirements.

The municipality will also take samples of food provided in these tents to ensure its safety for the consumption by the workers and those in need.


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