AMERICAN IN ARABIA Comes Down Heavy on Emo Killings

Published March 13th, 2012 - 02:06 GMT
One of the Iraqi victims from an emo-killing spree.
One of the Iraqi victims from an emo-killing spree.

I am the demon hunter. In a dark variation of 'Men in Black', I chase down these dark angels who possess unwitting humans and I expose them. Where there’s mass death, carnage and deep pain--- that is where these dark spirits can be found. My research shows a high level of evil coming from Iraq. Come with me there and let me teach you my trade.

Wait. Do you smell something burning? I guess it’s nothing. Let’s go!

Now, to find a Satan follower, a demon hunter must keep an eye out for these signs: extreme anger, a desire to kill and destroy, a corruption of religion and basically, someone who behaves like a demon-filled, hate mongering beast. Shall we begin? I think.. 

Have I heard of the Yaziddis? (If you haven't, see slide six on this Slideshow)

Yes, I have researched them. Some people say they supposedly worship Iblis (Arabic word for Satan). Despite all the rhetoric, they are not a threat at all. They keep to themselves, they don’t try and convert anyone. So in my estimation, they’re not guilty of anything. Besides, no one has really messed with them for centuries in Iraq. 

There’s that sulphuric smell again. What is that?

Anyway, I believe that where there’s smoke, usually you’ll find the fires of hell. But, where do I find such a ghoul in Iraq? Who?  You think it's the 'Emos'? The wirey young men who use too much hair gel and wear tight jeans? No, oh definitely not. They don’t fit the demonic criteria at all. They’re harmless, apart from their crimes against fashion.

To find demons, we’re looking for extreme violence and rage and..

What? You did what to the Emos? You pinned them to the ground with blocks and bashed their heads in with rocks??!! Have you gone mad! Why did you kill these dozens of boys? They're a threat? Your justification for mass stoning is that you believe  these harmelss boys are devil-worshipers. Unbelievable.

This cannot be happening. And you did this in the name of Islam?

Oh no. How could I not see it? That stench of evil… the smell… it’s you! You fit all the criteria of a demonized fool: death, anger, and religious corruption. And you even call yourselves the “Brigades of Anger”

Are you that angry? Are you that upset? Do you really care if your neighbor’s kids dress differently or even if the boys dress ‘gay’. Even if they are openly homosexual? Who cares! I’ve seen my share of evil but you maniacs are kneeling at the feet of Satan on his throne!

I’ve found the devil-worshipers and they are you, the Emo killers. You’re completely possessed and have now deemed yourselves God himself by not only judging, but enacting judgment on anyone you see as corrupt. And you call these Emo young men Princes of Darkness?!! Satan himself would call you crazy!

My stomach is turning and I want to vomit; On your ideology, on your evil, on anything you say. What you're doing is not Islamic, is not holy, is not sane. You ARE the devil-worshipers, and your time is coming.

By Brett Weer

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