AMERICAN IN ARABIA: Egypt's Hashish Hobby Gets Presidential

Published March 19th, 2012 - 05:00 GMT
Just another stroll in the cannabis field.
Just another stroll in the cannabis field.

While running for the U.S. presidency, Bill Clinton admitted to 'puffing the magic dragon'. So, in light of one candidate openly selling weed in front parliament, Brett ponders, why not be frank about it? It might lower a lot of blood pressures.

At this point, there are over 500 different people running for President of Egypt. I wish them all good luck, especially this guy. Among this list of characters, from actresses to tile-layers, Fayes Mohammad perhaps offers the clearest prescription to calming things down in the region. In front of the of the election committee offices no less, Mr. ‘Figh-as a Kite’ was busted with a bundle of marijuana in his pocket.

I’m no connoisseur of the wacky tobacky (the law says no and so does the wife), but if ultra-conservative Pastor Pat Robertson says it should be legalized, maybe the Egyptian Parliament should think about a token toking. Instead of getting hopped up on 17 coffees a day, a quick bump in between sessions might keep the mood lit and light. At the very least, it may prevent Brotherhood MPs from head-butting reporters.

While his future is still hazy, it seems Mr. Mohammad may have taken a bong turn in his budding presidential chances. Pot smoking is nothing new in Egypt, but we all know that pot blackens the kettle. So farewell Figh-As. You had high hopes of burning the competition, but now I’m afraid your goose is cooked, or baked, to put it bluntly.


By Brett Weer

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