AMERICAN IN ARABIA: Syria's Prodigal Sons

Published March 25th, 2012 - 01:35 GMT
As members of the Syrian Army grow a conscience, will this shift the outcome of future events? Image shown for illustrative purposes.
As members of the Syrian Army grow a conscience, will this shift the outcome of future events? Image shown for illustrative purposes.

In light of reports on a Syrian pilot who refused to bomb down Aleppo and flew off into the sunset, Brett discusses the growing integrity of the Syrian defectors who have been an active force against the regime.

Over the weekend, the Syrian army crushed the city of Homs with mortar fire and blind rage. On Saturday alone, over 50 souls were completely removed from this planet. That means dozens of families now have  gaping  wounds from sadness and grief on their already weakened hearts. The salt in the wound is that this misery is at the hands of their defender, their caregiver- their own government.

That being said, it is not a stretch to observe that this Syrian conflict is a macro, mutated example of child abuse. Instead of the government listening to its children, it has gotten out the paddle and just started swinging. With a death toll of well over 80,000, Bashar the Lion seems to be seething and squealing through his sweaty teeth, “Don’t ever, ever, ever speak ill of your father!”

Where are the other family members like Good Ole Uncle Sam when Syrians need them the most? This drama needs a hero and now!

Rising up from torture and oppression are the children of Syria themselves and they are fighting back. It has been reported that asurge in violence in (Syrian) neighborhoods this week suggested the army was struggling to keep control.”

Within the past days, from among the heroes comes a superhero akin to Airwolf  and he brought his conscience with him!

While the details are still not clear in terms of his escape, the Istanbul-based Syrian National Council (SNC) has said that a pilot for the Syrian army went rogue. Instead of bombing a target in Aleppo as he was ordered, he turned the tables and dropped the ammo on a Syrian military facility. He then the fled to Turkey.

We can only presume that this aviator had somehow overcome his years of military brainwashing and instead listened to his conscience. When he saw past the Assad facade, this pilot  realized that he cared for his countrymen.  For a soldier to completely ignore orders is a big deal. But for an elite pilot in the Syrian Air Force to do so is like signing his own death certificate.

Any hopes Airwolf  had of returning to his home country are completely gone as long as there is still the Lion and The Witch in the War Room. And the family he left behind, if any, are still in the reach of Daddy’s paddle. May God protect and keep them!

The mettle of the character these army ‘rebels’ possess is unwavering and very intense. The Syrian Army specifically targets the defectors' hometowns, such as its recent shelling of Duma where many are being sheltered.  Still, these ex-soldiers listen to their hearts and not their generals, even though this could lead directly to that heartbeat stopping.  Forever. 

Each day in Syria, dark clouds of pain and grief absorb the tears of wailing mothers. The gloom grows bigger and stronger each day. All the grieving families are generating such a waiting storm of anger and vengeance that we can hear the gales brewing and see the shadows darkening.

From this, we could  call these persecuted Syrians  the Sons of Thunder---  the raging storm that's brewed and ready to pour. Already they  are fighting back. The rogue pilot is among the Sons and he represents two realities. The first is that even some of the military personnel recognize the weight of evil they are dispensing and they are now resisting their government.

The second point is that these prodigal Sons will not spare their old regime. This pilot could have easily skipped the bomb drop altogether, or just slipped them into the ocean. He certainly would have escaped sooner. But this rebel took the time to find his own Syrian Army security building and attacked it with everything that he had at his disposal.

The reports go on to say that Assad's regime is worried that other pilots might even bomb the Presidential palace itself.  

And this is where we find the Royal family.  Bashar Assad’s penchant for downloading iTunes during war might be consuming his time in the palace even as we speak.  May we recommend Cats in The Cradle, a song about a father who neglects his children? At the end of the tune, the father asks,” When you coming home son?“  Be careful what you ask Al Assad because the Sons that have survived ARE coming.  Do you hear the thunder?

By Brett Weer

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