Art project involving refugees being ‘devoured’ by tigers cancelled over travel documents

Published June 28th, 2016 - 09:08 GMT
Well it seems like the tigers will have to make new dinner plans. (Creative commons)
Well it seems like the tigers will have to make new dinner plans. (Creative commons)

A flight set to bring 100 asylum seekers to Germany in connection with a controversial art installation involving live tigers eating volunteers in Berlin was cancelled on Tuesday.

Air Berlin, which would have flown the group from Turkey, cancelled the contract, saying key information - such as the fact that most members of the group of 100 lacked permission to enter Germany legally - was withheld by the Centre for Political Beauty (Zentrum fuer Politische Schoenheit), the group behind the installation.

The information was only revealed after the contract was signed, the airline said.

"Through this, the relationship's trust with the contract partner is shaken," the company told German newspaper Bild.

Authorities in Berlin had already ordered the removal of a related art installation outside of Maxim Gorki Theatre last week. It features an enclosure of four live tigers that would "devour refugees" if Germany doesn't change its policy on asylum.

The two linked events were part of an effort by the group to draw attention to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. While attempting to force German officials to react to a group of refugees without permission to arrive on one hand, it had hoped to highlight the hopelessness of migrants' plights with the spectacle of the people being fed to the tigers.

Allegedly, some people had volunteered to enter the cage.

The Centre for Political Beauty said it wanted to draw attention to uniting families by finding safe ways to bring refugees into Germany, instead of them taking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean.

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