A Heinous Crime in Lebanon: Newborn Devoured by Beasts

Published April 17th, 2012 - 06:58 GMT
A wild animal devours a new baby and the world gasps.
A wild animal devours a new baby and the world gasps.

A newborn, barely 24 hours old, was found dead along the road. It seems that after she was thrown to the side of the road, she was then eaten alive by wild beasts in the town of Kaferhata, in the district of Sidon in Lebanon. The manner in which she was disposed of was as if there was a collaboration between man and beast, making them one in their crime.

This horrible crime was discovered when the infant was found between the fangs of the wild beasts that had already devoured a great deal of her body. She had been dragged for quite a distance before the remainder of her body was discarded at the side of the road.

A number of Jaba platoons, as well as pathologist Dr. Abdel Hamid Hashisho were called to the crime scene. After examining her body the pathologist revealed that the infant was barely 24 hours old. She had been eaten and bitten from wild beasts from her stomach, back and thighs. Samples of DNA were taken for the investigation file.


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