Boston bombings: American in Arabia says swap finger pointing for Arab-style community spirit

Published April 16th, 2013 - 10:35 GMT
The police are going to catch the bombers. Let's not get caught up in the who-done-it hype. (Getty Image)
The police are going to catch the bombers. Let's not get caught up in the who-done-it hype. (Getty Image)

The Boston Marathon bombing has killed several people and maimed dozens of others. I’m angry. I’m sad. 

Those two bombs were also filled with anger - cellphone-detonated bundles of rage.  This hate was sprayed throughout crowds of people and it’s still spreading like the flu.  Through Twitter and other media, instead of quarantining the sickness, tweeters are sneezing this infectious ire on entire groups of people.

One Fox News reporter tweeted , "Muslims are evil, We should kill them all.”  Good God sir!  You, a disseminator of news, blasted this across the World Wide Web !??! That is like a doctor injecting his patients with HIV.  We need to stop the bleeding, not promote its exponential growth!

This very well may have been the work of terrorists. It is quite possible an Islamist group orchestrated this sickening attack- one specialist said it looks like the work of Al Queada. It could equally have been a domestic terror case, like Timothy McVeigh or Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph or the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski. At this point, it is too early to ascribe a motive or to identify a suspect. But you're a reporter, do I really need to tell you this?

Look, in our shock and sadness, it is tempting to point fingers but right now our focus should be to heal and help. 

In all the reports I did see something very MIddle Eastern in the aftermath of the chaos, Many Bostonians have opened their homes to aimless runners,  given them rides to the airports, and offered any help possible.

This heals and is worth promoting. As for championing the mass destruction of nearly 1.5 billion people who call themselves followers of Mohammed, whether it's 'sarcasm' or not -- that’s just sick.

By Brett Weer


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