British Daredevil Scaled World's Tallest Freestanding Climbing Wall

Published August 2nd, 2018 - 01:57 GMT
World's tallest freestanding climbing wall (Twitter)
World's tallest freestanding climbing wall (Twitter)

A British daredevil scaled the world's tallest freestanding climbing wall which stands at 121ft high - and he did it without any ropes or a harness.

Footage shows George King, 18, hopping the fence of the Bjoeks Climb Center, in Groningen, Netherlands, at 4am and completing his unfathomable ascent of the 121 ft high wall.


He free-climbed the structure on June 26 in under 15 minutes with out any slips.

Claiming to be in a euphoric trance throughout the experience, George believes he is the first person ever the free-climb the Excalibur wall - and it is something he has always wanted to do since seeing the structure in a YouTube video when he was 10.

Founder of the charity 'Powers of Passions,' George said: 'The Excalibur is a very unique climbing wall.

'Instead of being vertical, it has a high-gradient overhang to it - the structure seems almost alien.

'I first saw it on YouTube and said to myself that one day I would free climb it.



'As the years have gone on, I've progressed, trained hard and now my dream has become a reality.

'I ensured I took my time, making sure every movement was as secure as possible.

'When I got to the top, it really was the most rewarding view I've ever witnessed.

'It's definitely the greatest feeling in my life to date - and to be first to do it is something I could only dream of.

'Nutrition was very important leading up to the stunt, it was vital that I kept my weight low so my muscles wouldn't tire during the climb.

'With Powers of Passions, I aim to inspire anyone to find a passion to establish meaning in their life - particularly those suffering from mental health.

'Climbing is my passion and I find a tremendous amount of purpose from doing it.

'But I don't encourage anyone to do what I do - everyone is unique.

'I won't reveal too much on what my next stunt entails, but I can say it'll involve Donald Trump.'

Before starting his ascent, George King held up an inspirational quote on a piece of paper by talkshow host Oprah Winfrey. It read 'If you don't know what your passion is, realise that one reason for your existence on Earth is to find it.


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