Syrian teen and British youth face firing squad in UAE for drug dealing

Published June 26th, 2012 - 05:48 GMT
The court in Abu Dhabi
The court in Abu Dhabi

A British man and his Syrian “accomplice” are facing the death penalty by firing squad in the United Arab Emirates.

After an undercover police officer caught them selling a little less than £300 of cannabis, they were convicted in a court in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.

The two men, who have not been named, were caught selling 20 grams of marijuana with a street value of £262 to a detective posing as a customer. The Briton is 21 years old and the Syrian is 19.

The last execution that took place in the UAE was in February last year, where a man faced the firing squad after he was convicted of the rape and murder of a child.

Last night the Foreign Office was unable to confirm the details of the case or name of the man but a spokesman confirmed the sentence, according to the Daily Mail.

He said: ‘I can confirm that a British national is facing death penalty in the UAE."

The 21 year old’s mother collapsed outside the courtroom on Monday after she heard the sentence while the Syrian boy’s mother attempted to console her.

The defense lawyers believe there may be some foul play with the accusations as the police officer informed them that the Syrian asked the Briton to get the drugs from the car in Arabic.

The men now have 15 days to appeal to the Abu Dhabi’s High Court, the Court of Cassation, where the appeal will be determined by a panel of three judges.


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