Cairo court upholds jail sentence of naked balcony man

Published June 30th, 2016 - 06:00 GMT
Private balcony or public indecency? (Shutterstock)
Private balcony or public indecency? (Shutterstock)

A Cairo misdemeanor appeals court upheld on Wednesday a six-month jail sentence handed to a Cairene man after he "appeared naked on the balcony of his house."

Earlier in June, the man in his twenties was sentenced to an enforced hard labour and six months imprisonment for "committing an indecent act."

He argued in front of prosecution that he sometimes stood on his balcony dressed in shorts and an undershirt because of the intense Cairo heat, and because he was in his own home, but denied that he ever appeared naked.

However, the defendant's neighbors, who filed the complaint against him, refuted the man's story.

The plaintiffs reported that they complained to the accused man’s family more than once, and despite the family’s apology the man kept appearing naked on the balcony. He later started to sexually harass his neighbors, they claimed.

The young man denied that he harassed his neighbors.

The man was arrested shortly after his neighbors filed a complaint with the police.

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