Canadian Woman Mistook a Private Car for a Hire She Rented But Realized That 2 Weeks Later

Published July 12th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

Post the incident, police warned drivers not to leave electronic key fobs in unattended vehicles.

A woman in Ontario accidentally stole a car mistaking it for her rental car and drove it around for two weeks before she realised the error.

The woman rented a black Nissan Sentra in late June and headed straight to Walmart and parked her car in the hypermarket's parking lot. When she returned, she was able to unlock a black car from among a sea of black vehicles and hence assumed it was her rented car. The woman then pushed the start button and drove home, said Cornwall police which later received a report about a black Nissan Infinity being stolen from the same parking lot.

Post the incident, police warned drivers not to leave electronic key fobs in unattended vehicles. "For the next two weeks, the woman drove around and used the black car for her regular everyday activities," the police said.

The woman realised the error only when she attempted to return the car to the rental company last weekend. "Once inside, the woman spoke to the manager and commented about how unkempt the inside of the vehicle was and the fact that there was a set of golf clubs in it as well," police said on Facebook. The key she returned was of a black Nissan Infinity and not the Sentra she had rented. "The manager observed the vehicle and asked the woman where she got it," police added.

The woman recalled that she had picked the vehicle from the Walmart parking lot. When both, the manager and the woman reached the Walmart parking lot, the rental car was still parked at the same spot where it had been parked two weeks before.

The woman contacted police and explained how she had accidentally taken an Infinity and driven around in it for two weeks. Police located the owner soon after and the car was returned to him.

Police described the incident as a "happy ending to a complicated car rental" and warned drivers over electronic key fobs. "You never know who might take it," police noted, according to MSN report.

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