Creepy 'Voodoo Dolls' Spiked with Needles Spook Russian City

Published October 2nd, 2018 - 05:00 GMT

Creepy 'voodoo dolls' spiked with needles have appeared across a Russian city.

The sudden appearance of the sinister-looking 'voodoo dolls' spooked many residents around Zavetny in the south-west of Russia.

Pensioners reportedly complained of blood pressure problems after seeing the haunting mannequins at dozens of locations in the city not far from the border with Georgia.

Residents called for an explanation for the dozens of weird dolls, which appeared overnight and many complained to police.

Several of the dolls were eyeless or one-armed and some were dressed in girl's clothes or school uniforms.



Head of the local council Dmitry Barkov said: 'We have urgently brought together police officers to instruct them to calm people.'

Police are studying CCTV cameras to try and identify who distributed the dolls around the area even though planting voodoo dolls is not a crime, say reports.

One local complained: 'Creepy dolls are nailed to the pillars, fences and bus stops in Zavetny on the outskirts of Armavir in Krasnodar region.

'The little girl mannequins are pierced with needles and tied with black threads.'

Another householder added: 'Two were sitting at a bus stop. A doll in a in a pink ball gown was found in the park.'

A local also warned: 'A curse has been put on our village.'

A local security officer has admitted dumping the mannequins - 'the same size as a child' - at a local tip but denied leaving them outside houses.

Tatiana Kokoreva claimed they belonged to a local culture museum and were previously used in a puppet theatre which closed long ago.

They were no longer needed and the security officer thought her daughter, a teacher, could use them.

But the school rejected them as unsafe and too scary, so she dumped them.

She insisted she was not responsible for dressing them up as voodoo dolls.


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