'Cursed’ Manasoo Ship Found After 90 Years in Canada's Lake Huron

Published November 28th, 2018 - 08:43 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File)
(Shutterstock/ File)

Nine decades ago, the British ship "The Manasoo" sank in Canada’s Lake Huron. Although many of its passengers survived, it was considered cursed.

After sinking in 1928, and despite search operations, many thought that the ship would not be found because it was cursed.

After it sank, her captain, four sailors and one passenger drifted on a life raft for 60 hours before they were intercepted by a passing steamer.

The ship's location remained unknown for 90 years until it was recently found with some of its cargo.

According to the Mirror daily, the cause of the sinking remains unexplained, but it has been suggested that the cargo of 116 cattle may have shifted in the storm, making the ship list dangerously.

No human or animal remains have been found inside the wreck. A 1927 Chevrolet Coupe along with a bicycle were still on the vessel, now covered in mussels.

The Manasoo, which was built in Glasgow in 1888, operated for 39 years before disappearing, and although huge efforts were made to find its wreckage, the ship remained lost.

According to historian Cris Kohl, when first operated, the ship was named Macassa, however, when its ownership changed, it was renamed Manasoo.

The sinking confirmed the myth that says bad luck haunts ships after their names are changed.

According to sailor superstition, a renamed ship will be cursed with misfortune, he explained.

Kohl said the cursed ship was located 200 feet down near Griffith Island, Ontario.

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