Deadly love triangle: UAE maids kill driver who slept with both of them!

Published April 4th, 2016 - 12:27 GMT
Devious maids? (Shutterstock)
Devious maids? (Shutterstock)

Two Asian women have been charged by the Sharjah Sharia Court of First Instance for allegedly brutally killing an Asian in the house of their sponsor.

The 32-year-old Indonesian and 35-year-old Filipina, both maids, have been charged with adultery and premeditated murder of 43-year-old Indian driver at the house of their Emirati sponsor.

The two suspects allegedly said they wanted to get rid of the victim who blackmailed and threatened them. In addition, both maids allegedly came to know that the driver was sleeping with both of them and grew jealous.

The operations room of the Sharjah Police received information on October 14, 2014, that an Indian was found lying on his back in his room located in Al Qarayin area. Since initial investigations showed no crime motive, the body of the victim was shifted to Al Qasimi hospital in Sharjah. According to reports, the man stopped breathing for some unknown reason. The body was then referred to the Sharjah laboratory where it was revealed that there was a criminal motive behind his death. Some marks on the victim's neck showed that he was strangulated with a robe or piece of cloth.

The police then visited the site and began investigations which soon led to the maids. When confronted, the Filipino maid allegedly confessed that she had helped the Indonesian maid to kill the driver MMR. However, the Indonesian maid denied the accusation. But on the second day she confessed to the crime.

The maids who had been working with the family for three years said their room was next to the victim's. Later, the Indonesian maid claimed she had been in a relationship with an Afghani driver for two years. One day, MMR saw her with the Afghani and he started abusing her and threatening to inform her sponsor about her relationship. He also started taking advantage of her and began touching her after watching porn movies in his room.

Planned murder

The two maids then planned on murdering the driver. They decided that the Indonesian maid would have sex with MMR and would drug him so that they can carry out the murder fast. On the crime day, a Friday, taking advantage of the fact that the family was out, the Indonesia maid went to the driver's room, watched a movie, had sex with him and then drugged him.

The Filipino joined them after being assured that MMR had fallen asleep. They then brought out a cord they had hidden under his bed earlier and strangled him. Once they made sure that the man was dead, they cleaned up the room and left.

They pretended as if everything was normal and the next day morning, as usual, carried breakfast to his room. Once there, one of the maids shouted that the man was not waking up and informed the sponsor. The sponsor went to his room and on seeing the body, informed the police.

On interrogation, the two women said they chose a cord since it would not leave any traces.

During interrogation, the Indonesian maid said she was Muslim and unmarried and admitted that she had had sex with him and another man.

However, during the court hearing, she collapsed and denied the accusation and said she was not guilty. The Filipino, however, confessed that they had killed the man and agreed that she helped her friend.

The presiding judge adjourned the case to May for defence and also for the family of the victim to begin court procedures.

The victim's brother who had first appeared in court told Khaleej Times that, "the two heartless women should receive capital punishment." He said his family was still in shocked and added that the victim had always been a quiet person.

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