Delight Yourself With 'Sushi' in Pyongyang Seafood Restaurant

Published August 1st, 2018 - 03:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/File Photo)
(Shutterstock/File Photo)

"Sushi" is on the menu at a new seafood restaurant in Pyongyang, according to North Korea's state media.

The Rodong Sinmun reported Tuesday the new dining destination along the North Korean capital's Taedong River includes an area for indoor fishing.

"On the first floor you can find sturgeon, Ryongjong fish, salmon and rainbow trout in an indoor pond, along with high quality fish, shellfish and terrapin," the newspaper stated.

The Ryongjong fish is a species native to North Korea from Ryongjong County.

The restaurant also "boasts splendid modern scenery by the Taedong River," according to the article that included 16 color photographs of the new space.

According to the Rodong, the restaurant was built to resemble a "boat floating on water."

The second and third floors include a "public dining room, family dining rooms, our people's cuisine dining room and sushi dining rooms, as well as a variety of rooms for [other types of] dining, stores selling processed seafood."

The newspaper reported Kim Su Gil, the political director the Korean People's Army, was in attendance at the opening ceremony.

"The Pyongyang Taedong River Seafood Restaurant is a solid demonstration of the love Comrade Kim Jong Un has for the people, and his desire to devote his heart, soul and efforts to deliver [to them] culture and a happy life."



The restaurant became publicly known in early June, when Kim and his spouse Ri Sol Ju visited the establishment.

North Korea's focus on improved living standards came the same day the Washington Post reported the United States has detected "new activity" at an intercontinental ballistic missile factory.

Vehicles were seen moving in and out of a facility at Sanumdong, a district in Pyongyang.

South Korea's TV Chosun reported Tuesday Seoul's joint chiefs of staff is "closely monitoring the situation."


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