Dubai Court Charges Man with Molestation of Housekeeper

Published March 27th, 2018 - 03:00 GMT

A man, who allegedly sexually harassed a cleaner at his place, has been charged with molestation in the court.

The Court of First Instance was told that the  man, a 44-year-old manager, took advantage that the Filipina was alone with him at his place. He hugged and kissed her on the head and groped her against her will on Feb. 17.

The man denied the charge in court.

During public prosecution investigation, the 39-year-old cleaner said that at 3:45pm, she had been given an assignment by the cleaning services company (where she was employed) to go to a customer's flat in the French cluster, International City.

"I did not know who was that customer or his name. Upon my arrival, he gave me the keys and told me to clean the kitchen and bedroom. He went out and came back about ten minutes later."



The man gave her food. "He took a shower and left the bathroom door open. He walked out later and started a conversation with me. He then told me to go to the bedroom to give him massage," she recounted.

The complainant told the customer that massage was not part of her duties and that she was done with cleaning and would leave. "He then told me he would pay me Dh100 because he liked me."


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