Dubai Police Capture Killer Who Fled to the UAE

Published March 15th, 2018 - 08:21 GMT
Pakistani national Mujahid Afridi, who shot Asma Rani in Kohat fled to the UAE after the murder (AFP/File Photo)
Pakistani national Mujahid Afridi, who shot Asma Rani in Kohat fled to the UAE after the murder (AFP/File Photo)

Pakistani national Mujahid Afridi, who shot Asma Rani in Kohat on Jan. 27 and fled to the UAE after the murder, was caught despite him trying to evade arrest by changing his appearance and shaving off his hair and beard, Dubai police officials said on Wednesday.

Giving details of the operation to arrest Mujahid - after a red notice was issued by Interpol - Dubai Police said that the accused was also wanted for another murder before he shot Asma Rani three times for reportedly turning down his proposal.

Asma, a third-year medical student in Abbottabad, was in her hometown of Kohat on vacation when Mujahid shot her on Jan. 27.

Before she died, Asma recorded a video statement naming Mujahid as her killer.

Mujahid's brother Sadiq Ullah was arrested by authorities in Khyber Pakhtounkhawa (KP) soon after the video emerged. 

"Despite trying to fool authorities by changing his appearance by shaving off his beard and hair, the criminal was arrested," said Major Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Criminal Investigation Police.

He added that the Dubai Police continued to work with the Criminal Investigation Teams at Interpol after the most wanted notice was issued.

"We found out that he had changed his appearance and was wanted," said Al Mansouri.

"According to information available, Mujahid was also accused of another similar murder before committing this crime (Asma's murder)."

Al Mansouri confirmed that legal and judicial measures were being taken to extradite the accused.

He thanked all the teams of officers and individuals for Mujahid's speedy arrest.

"Dubai police does not tolerate issues that occupy public opinion in any country or other issues that threaten the security of communities," he said.



Maj. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police also praised the response speed of the criminal investigation teams soon after circulars were received by Interpol.

A team was formed to search and investigate all information about the accused until they found his whereabouts, "A zero hour was set for his arrest," he said.

"A criminal or accused - in our territory - will be dealt with firmly and will be caught no matter how much they disguise themselves or change their features and forms," he added.

"UAE is one of the countries that follows all international publications issued by all countries around the world, regarding those involved in committing crimes. In addition, exchange of information among member states of the international organisation, especially in relation to crimes is important," Al Marri further said.

The KP police in Pakistan had approached Interpol after the accused, the nephew of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) district president Aftab Alam, fled the country following the incident.


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