Dubai Police Captures Phone Scam Gang

Published September 6th, 2018 - 08:32 GMT
Logo of WhatsApp mobile messaging service (AFP )
Logo of WhatsApp mobile messaging service (AFP )

A phone scam gang comprising eight men was caught and referred to the court by Dubai Police in cooperation with Ajman Police.

Police recovered 26 mobile phones and Dh23,000 ($6,129) from them.

An Arab man had reported that he received a WhatsApp message claiming he won Dh200,000 ($53,295) from a famous supermarket chain.



The man was informed that he must give his credit card details to claim the prize. Since the man was a regular customer of the supermarket, he believed the scammer and gave him his details.

According to Brigadier General Mohammed Rashid bin Sari Al Muhairi, director of the criminal investigation department, they took Dh7,000 ($1,905) from the man's account and bought several mobile phones from online websites.

He immediately tried to stop the payments and cancel his card. When he tried to contact the man again, the person wouldn't answer, so he called the police.

Upon conducting an investigation, police found that the caller was based in Ajman. A search warrant was issued by Ajman Police to conduct a raid. Eight Asian people along with their leader were arrested.

Their headquarters was a run-down, shabby place, where the leader had recruited jobless persons from his nationality on visit visa to the UAE.

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Police uncovered lists of random phone numbers at the place, as well as forged posters with pictures of the supermarket chain.

Such messages with phone numbers embedded in the poster were used to lure unsuspecting victims into giving them their bank accounts and pin numbers.


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