His Royal Highness Hashtag Mohamed: Dubai Ruler reaches for the twittersphere

Published April 28th, 2013 - 12:15 GMT
Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Khaleej Times)
Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Khaleej Times)

Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, created a new hashtag on Twitter; #ShkMohdJournal.

On the hashtag #ShkMohdJournal, Sheikh Mohamed writes tweets that sum up his experience as a leader and offer valuable lessons in life.

Some of the tweets on #ShkMohdJournal:

27 April 2013

- The difference between a successful government & a failed one, is determined by how it deals with the obstacles that it’s nationals face.

13 October 2012

- Great ideas do not make leaders, they are just ideas, but accumulated accomplishments, big or small, make a great leader.

- Some officials come to me with great ideas, but when I follow up later, I notice they fail to turn them into accomplishments.

- A true leader turns a dream or an idea into reality & a visualization into implementation.History has no place for dreamers.

12 October 2012

- I like reading books, I read books briefings, the news of the world and I enjoy reading about history.

- Learning & leadership , a cause & a result. The more we accomplish, the more we discover the need to learn more.

- I spoke with an official about this & his excuse was he was too busy to read. I said: end of learning.. end of leadership.

03 October 2012

- A leader cannot lead from behind. He must inspire his staff by being the first to take initiatives and the first to innovate

- I have learned many lessons from my father & role model Sheikh Rashid.. mainly through his actions rather than words

- When a leader always leads by example in everything... his employees can never ignore these silent messages

02 October 2012

- One of the most important secrets of human advancement is the spirit of competition.

- Absence of a competitor is one of the worst things a leader can face. It leads to a relaxed & a non-challenging environment.

- In Gov. we created competitions through Excellence Awards and set up a competitiveness council to compete as a state.

- To all officials: Compete with yourself, create an external competitor & instill a competitive spirit among your employees.

30 September 2012

- No great leader without a great team.. To build a great team you need to teach, empower & celebrate success.

- A single hero is a risk to organizations. He who takes over all work & successes in an organization is no hero & no leader.

- Building great teams leads to great achievements & endless potentials.. building personal glories brings nothing at all.

29 September 2012

- A govt leader must unite minds before efforts.. A vision must be established to align minds & hearts.

- When we introduced vision & strategy concepts in govt, there was resistance, but it faded away with success.

- As a leader, if you don’t know where you are heading, you would find yourself taken over by circumstances & confusing views.

26 September 2012

- Leaders resting in their offices can only hang old trophies on walls & watch new achievements pass them by.

- True leaders do not isolate themselves behind closed doors? Reality is best experienced in the field.

- In a visit to a govt entity, No. of managers behind closed doors was a shock; I decided doors were no longer needed there.

25 September 2012

- Government leaders are honored by serving the people? Leaders’ honor comes from the nobleness of their mission.

- Leaders’ titles are not the source of pride as they will not last. Only bringing benefit to people lasts & justifies pride.

- I often tell officials: “Put citizens at the heart of all your plans; they are the true judge of your success, not me.”

24 September 2012

- Investing in creating future leaders is the way to lead the future... Humans, more than towers, should rise sky high.

- The 10-yrs old MBR leadership program in Dubai & its 4-yrs old federal equivalent are showing dazzling results.

- A leader could make or break a nation. Whereas leaders like Zayed & Rashid built a nation, other leaders destroyed theirs.

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