For Dubai weddings, the sky truly is the limit! Burj Al Arab now offering tower top helipad ceremonies

Published April 24th, 2014 - 07:53 GMT

Dubai’s luxury hospitality group Jumeirah has unveiled plans to have marriages on the Burj al Arab helipad, creating the potentiality of unparalleled wedding ceremonies.

Translated, its name means the ‘The Arabian Tower.’ But Burj al Arab, the imposing structure standing tall on an artificially developed island, just about 300 metres from the Jumeirah Hotel, is a haven of luxury open to everyone, Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

From the billowing sail-like shape of the structure that emphasises its iconic stature to the majestic nature of the services and facilities offered to its patrons, a visit and a possible stay at the Burj al Arab is one must-have experience. As is the experience of visiting and seeing the world standing on the famous helipad, right at the top of the structure.

Several unique exhibition events have been hosted at this helipad. From Tiger Woods teeing off to Andre Agassi and Roger Federer, taking on each other in a never-before-seen tennis match, the helipad has served as a singular and distinguished hosting venue. And now one can revel in the experience of getting married on this helipad, overlooking the Arabian Gulf by nearly 212 metres, thanks to the latest offering put up by the Jumeirah Group.

The new initiative aims at providing an individualistic wedding experience with the underlying feel of getting married on the helipad with such pampering, the likes of which may never be equalled. The starting price cap for this marvellous experience is AED 2,00,000 or about US$ 55,000. But this price cap is just a benchmark for the starting price range and will vary depending on each wedding party’s choices. The other highlighting features of this initiative include:

  • *A special wedding planner for each wedding party, adding on to the overall uniqueness of the event.
  • *Welcoming of the wedding party in style by the hotel, either in a Rolls-Royce in case of arrival by road or in a twin-engine Augusta 109 aircraft in case arrival is by air
  • *Opulent accommodation in the hotel’s most luxurious suites
  • *Personalised sampling of food and beverages along with the chief chef and head sommelier providing enriched pre-wedding planning
  • *Special spa sessions with renowned spa therapists to pamper the wedding party
  • *Special grooming lessons in dancing and etiquette
  • *Special wedding perfume distinctive to each wedding party

In addition to these, the wedding party will also receive unlimited admittance to the leading jewellers, leading fashion designers and brand houses which will heighten their wedding experience far beyond imagination.

Considering that marriage is an event that marks a unique milestone in everyone’s life, bringing together two people into a very holy relationship, the brilliance of this initiative leaves behind a far deeper relevance. The sky’s absolutely the limit as far holding matrimonial events are concerned and that’s the emphasis that the Jumeirah Group are placing through this standalone initiative, in the most eloquent manner.


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