Morsi's crew-cut: trimming nearly 100 troops to grow his own Muslim army?

Published September 4th, 2012 - 09:44 GMT
Will Egypt be recruiting a new Muslim Army in-step with Brotherhood government?
Will Egypt be recruiting a new Muslim Army in-step with Brotherhood government?

The Egyptian government has formally announced that the Morsi Administration has moved to retire 70 top army generals, in a show of symbolic authority and power.

The latest strategic-political move undertaken by President Mohammed Morsi comes weeks after he formally retired the head of the military council, Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who has been retired, and his former deputy, General Sami Enan, also being retired.

As a result of the retiring of the generals, 6 senior military officers will retain their positions on the powerful military body known as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Despite President Morsi’s flexing his political muscle over Egypt’s military, there has been very little reaction or criticism coming from the countries military establishment, indicating that the Egyptian president had consulted with the military before taking such steps.

Back in August, President Mursi replaced Field Marshall Tantawi with a younger defence minister, namely, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

The country's new defence minister formally announced the retirement of the 70 military generals, with Generals Mohamed Assar, Mukhtar el-Mullah, Mahmoud Nasr, Fouad Abdel Hay, Mohamed Emara, and Mamdouh Shahin, will keep their positions.

Field Marshall Tantawi and Gen. Enan have since been appointed as advisors to President Morsi, after they were retired following the Sinai attacks which killed Egyptian soldiers a month ago.

What do you think of Morsi's army crack-down? Is he revamping his military brigade to install a more Brotherhood friendly membership?

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