Revealed: Last words of father to Egyptian child bus victim

Published November 19th, 2012 - 12:04 GMT

When a group of Egyptian children left their homes on Saturday for a day at kindergarten, no one could have predicted the devastation that was to follow. 

As a school bus full of kids, aged four to six years old, crossed a train track outside the city of Assiut in Southern Egypt, a train hit the bus and dragged it along the rails for almost half a mile, breaking it in half. Amidst the debris, was left the bodies of 50 young children. 

The accident has sent shockwaves across Egypt as locals struggle to come to terms with the tragedy. With President Mohammed Morsi promising that those responsible will be held accountable, Egyptians are looking to point the finger at anyone who may be to blame.

But although heads continue to roll, including the train operator responsible and the Transport Minister, this clampdown won't bring the victims back to life.

Now a video has begun circulating on Facebook of a grieving father, who blames himself for the loss of his son on that fateful day. 

In the YouTube video, uploaded by Sada Al Bilad, a news anchor asks the father to think back to the last words he shared with his child. Welling up, he tragically says: "I hit him with a pen, so that he will catch the bus."

Although the accident might prove the impetus for Egypt to finally improve its roads and railways, with nothing left to do but think back on that fateful day, this provides little solace for the parents who will never see their children again. 


Is enough being done for the families of the victims? What changes need to be made to Egypt's roads and railways? Share your comments with us below!


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