This preacher thinks voyeurism is OK! Egyptian cleric issues fatwa stating men can watch potential wives shower

Published August 17th, 2014 - 09:40 GMT

An Egyptian preacher has caused a major ruckus on social media after he issued a fatwa stating that: “A man is entitled to see a woman shower (before they marry), if he chooses her to be his future wife.”

And, it gets worse! Usama al Qawsi added that a man can “hide” while his potential wife showers but only if his intentions are pure and he intends on marrying her.

“If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, see the things that she wouldn’t usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure,” al Qawsi said in a video.

“One of the Prophet’s companions did that. Some disapproved and told him: ‘How do you do that when you’re one of the Prophet’s companions?’ The Prophet answered: ‘If you can see something that would make you want to marry her then go ahead and do it.’”

So, it’s basically make-up-Islam as you go along for this preacher!

Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments, Mohammed Mukhtar, dismissed the so-called fatwa as nonsense.

“This is what we say to him and the likes of him, where is the glory and masculinity in watching a woman shower?” Mukhtar stated.

“Would you allow this to happen to your daughter? If it was OK with you then it isn’t with the conservative, civilized Muslim and Christian societies – they disapprove of it. Besides, Islam preaches that modesty should be in our nature and all religions concur.” 

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