Egyptian MPs Call for Firing Minister After Making 'throw the requests of MPs in the bin' Remark

Published April 3rd, 2018 - 08:30 GMT
A parliamentary session in Cairo, Egypt (AFP/File Photo)
A parliamentary session in Cairo, Egypt (AFP/File Photo)

Members of the House of Representatives strongly criticized Minister of Local Development Abu Bakr al-Gendi on Monday, calling for his dismissal after he “insulted” MPs during a meeting with MP Salama al-Gohary, when he said he “throws the requests of MPs in the bin.”

MPs issued statements over Gendi’s comments, stressing that his repeated insults to the Egyptian people are unacceptable.

MP Salama al-Gohary added, “I went to the minister’s office 15 days ago and informed him of assigning jobs, upon direct orders, to employees who did not obtain the training course which was formerly given to 22 job applicants for the posts of the Nasser Military Academy, but the minister denied so.”

Gohary continued, “When I presented him the documents, I found that he took off his shoes and shouted that he will ‘hit anyone who says so with my shoes.'”

Gohary added that he told Gendi before leaving his office that the employee in the minister’s office Hamza Abdel Hafez was appointed First Undersecretary of the Ministry [of Local Development], although he was supposed to be appointed by the Prime Minister.



Gohary requested that the House of Representatives summon Gendi and interrogate him over his insults.

MP Mostafa Sameh said, “the minister is unaware of his words and behavior. He must be dismissed as he destabilizes the homeland by saying improper words, against people of Upper Egypt [in the past], and against members of House of Representatives now.”

Sameh demanded, “The mister must see a psychiatrist.”


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