Egyptian Spouse Swap: Couple Arrested Over 'Swingers' Facebook Page

Published March 26th, 2012 - 12:10 GMT
This Egyptian couple cited financial trouble as the main factor that led them down this path.
This Egyptian couple cited financial trouble as the main factor that led them down this path.

Egyptian security forces arrested a married couple who created a Facebook page for spouse swapping, an Egyptian daily reported on Saturday.

The Facebook page for spouse swapping, created by an Egyptian accountant and his wife, attracted several couples, Omar Abdul Al, top security official at the Giza police department, was quoted as saying by Egypt’s al-Masry al-Youm.

The Facebook page facilitates spouse swapping under the condition that the swingers be married, Abdul Al said.

The suspects, both in their early thirties, told the police that they got the idea from a young Qatari man who swapped his wife with others six months ago.

The police succeeded in arresting the suspects through a trap set up by a young couple who contacted the suspects via the Facebook, expressing interest and showing their desire to do a swap. Arrangements were made and dates were set for the swap, which eventually led to the arrest of the suspects.

Upon questioning them, the suspects said that they had been married for five years and that they had a four-year-old girl. They said that many couples have showed interest in their project. Four swaps had already made with the interested couples who were satisfied with the conditions, one of the suspects told the police.

In April 2009, a Cairo court sentenced a man to seven years and his wife to three for setting up a swingers’ club. The court said they confessed to having sex with other couples.

By Abeer Tayel

What do you reckon? All is fair in love and spouse-swapping? Would ever engage in such an act, even thought it's illegal in most Arab countries?

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