Is Egypt's Presidential Page on Facebook a Fake?

Published August 30th, 2018 - 01:18 GMT

Moreover, Facebook and Twitter accounts with over 5,000 followers are perceived as media outlets, and can therefore be prosecuted for publishing either false information, or statements that could urge readers to break the law.

The post referred , Mahmoud Nazmi Al-Sayiid faced court on charges of murdering his two sons Ryan and Mohamed. The two were found dead on Wednesday, August 22,  in a water channel in Damietta.

According to Al-Watan news website, police reported that the father admitted to their murder.

The reported confession contradicts statements the father made before the children were found. On Tuesday, August 21, Al-Sayiid reported that a “strange man” had distracted him while his children vanished, and promised a large award to whoever could return his sons, or find new information on their whereabouts.

Thousands gathered in Mitt Salsil City to mourn the two children.

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