Enthralled with husband’s...entrails? Moroccan woman travels with intestines in luggage

Published September 26th, 2016 - 09:49 GMT
You got to tag that bag. (AFP/Jaime Reina)
You got to tag that bag. (AFP/Jaime Reina)

Customs officers at an Austrian airport were astonished to find human entrails packed in the travel bag of a Moroccan traveller, who said they belonged to her dead husband, according to local media reports on Sunday.

Inspectors found the unusual package of human remains at the regional airport of Graz, when performing a check on luggage belonging to a woman arriving from Morocco, the Kleine Zeitung newspaper and APA news agency reported.

The human intestines had been carefully wrapped and were contained in two separate receptacles.

The traveller who remains anonymous explained her unusual choice of luggage by informing authorities that she suspected her deceased husband, a Moroccan born in 1976, had died from poison and she wished to have a toxicology analysis of his tissue done in Austria, according to reports by the Kleine Zeitung.

Police were instructed not to get involved by the relevant authorities. 


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