Female Imams battle radicalized Islam

Published March 1st, 2015 - 02:00 GMT

With the Daesh's rapid rise to power, more and more women have been recruited to join the terrorists in Syria and Iraq to become jihadi brides, reports AFP. 

Female Imams have taken to the forefront of the battle against the radicalization of Islam, steering women away from the false teachings and promoting the peaceful practice of religion.

The imams, known as "mourshidates", help guide those who have strayed from the true roots of Islam back to the righteous path.

They strongly and openly condemn Daesh's violent nature. “Killing is a capital sin, so how is it that people can kill innocent ones in the name of Islam,” asks Fatima Zahra, a conservative hijabi in her mid-40s.

Zahra, who holds a degree in Islam and has memorized the Quran by heart, is one of the 300 "mourshidates" helping women to address their personal issues through religious teaching, sociology, and psychology. The Imams also utilize a referral system to make sure they have access to specialists as needed.

Although they are unable to lead prayers, the "mourshidates" are able to work in mosques, prisons, youth centers, hospitals, and schools.

The female imams are especially valued for their gender. “Imams are good but it is much better to confide in a woman,” says Aisha, in her 60s. 

The "mourshidates" urge others to be vigilant to prevent the spread of false prophets and radicalized Islam.

“Pseudo-imams, who know nothing about the teachings of the Quran,” are trying to indoctrinate people through television programs and the Internet, says Samia, another mourshida.

“Adolescents in particular must be monitored because they are impressionable and can easily be swayed.”

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