Female pilot for Turkey's Pegasus Airlines becomes internet sensation with her Instagram jet-setting snapshots

Published February 20th, 2017 - 11:37 GMT
Dutch-born pilot Eser Aksan Erdogan flies for the Turkish budget airline Pegasus. (Instagram)
Dutch-born pilot Eser Aksan Erdogan flies for the Turkish budget airline Pegasus. (Instagram)

A glamorous female pilot has become an Instagram sensation thanks to snaps of her enviable life as she jets around the world. 

Dutch born Eser Aksan Erdogan, 31, who lives in Turkey has been flying around the Middle East and Europe for Pegasus airlines for three years. 

And snaps of her downtime with husband, fellow pilot Volkan, shows her relaxing on a Mediterranean cruise, exploring Jordan and taking in the breathtaking views in Costa Rica. 

Now she's hoping that her example will encourage more female pilots to join the male dominated industry, telling the Mirror: "You can see all kinds of beautiful things up there, like at night at 41,000ft when there is no moon you can see the Milky Way sometimes.

"In Scandinavia you can see the Aurora Borealis in winter time and when passing near clouds with static energy there is a phenomenon called St. Elmo's fire on your windscreen which is almost hypnotising."

Former polo player Eser has even landed in Saudi Arabia, a country where women aren't allowed to drive, with an all-female crew.

Eser has travelled to more than 50 countries, including Brazil, The Seychelles, Austraila and Morocco. 

But she warns that the job is not all glitz and glamour and involves a lot of study and weekend work with long shifts up to 16 hours. 

Often she wakes up with no idea where she is and is used to seeing the inside of a lot of hotel rooms. 

And she admits that you're likely to lose friends as you'll be away for so many important occasions. 

However, she insists that it's the best job in the world and that the travel opportunities and stunning views from the cockpit make it all worthwhile.

Another upside is that Eser's husband Volkan is also a pilot so they operate to the same schedule and use their time off to go travelling together.

The couple married on the beach in the Seychelles in 2015.  

Currently they are enjoying an adventure holiday in Costa Rica, going zip lining, hiking and horse riding.

Just days earlier they were exploring Mayan ruins and relaxing on the beach in Mexico. 

Now Eser hopes that her example will encourage more women to get into aviation, which is still very much a male dominated industry. 

According to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA) there are only around 4,000 female pilots in the world.

That's just over three percent of the 130,000 total. 

'From the bottom of my heart I hope more girls would choose this career since it's still a pretty much male-dominated industry,' Eser said. 

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