Feminist Activist Greer Predicts Meghan Will "Bolt" From Royal Marriage Out of Boredom

Published April 17th, 2018 - 08:00 GMT
Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle  (AFP/File Photo)
Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle (AFP/File Photo)

Feminist author Germaine Greer has shared her bleak prediction for the upcoming royal wedding, claiming Meghan Markle will 'bolt' from her marriage to Prince Harry out of boredom.

Speaking to 60 Minutes, the outspoken activist slammed the Suits actress, implying she was marrying for money and status, but had given up too much of herself for the relationship to work.

Ms Greer said the monotony of royal life would likely set in, as would the rigid and demanding nature of her new life.

'She will see vistas of boredom that are unbelievable,' Ms Greer said.

'I think the pressure to escape from the firm is crushing... I think she'll bolt.'

The 79-year-old said she held out some hope Ms Markle could take off from royal life with the Prince at her side.

She claimed the likelihood of Ms Markle's departure was increased by her first failed marriage to film producer Trevor Engelson.

When the U.S. actress decided to call it quits on the marriage in 2013, she returned Mr Engelson's rings through the post.



While Ms Greer has no great hope for Meghan Markle's union with Prince Harry, she said she could understand how it happened.

'Why would a girl born in poverty marry a man worth 53 million quid? I can't think of single reason,' she said cheekily.

To join the Royal Family, Ms Markle will need to relinquish her US citizenship, and will not be able to continue working as an actress.

Becoming a British citizen can take years though, so the actress and lifestyle blogger will retain her U.S. citizenship throughout the application process.

Ms Markle and Prince Harry will tie the knot on May 19 at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.


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